Holistic Seed Stewardship

Holistic Seed Stewardship

A resource list to support this section of our Permaculture Design Course

Seed saving for beginners

Learn the basics of how to grow, select, harvest, store, and distribute heirloom and organic seeds.

Frank Morton - The Value of Seeds

Frank Morton, seed specialist, farmer, and owner of Wild Garden Seed, talks about the importance of saving seed to modern agriculture.

TEDxTC - Winona LaDuke - Seeds of Our Ancestors, Seeds of Life

Winona is an internationally renowned activist working on issues of sustainable development, renewable energy and food systems. She lives and works on the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota. As Program Director of Honor the Earth, she works nationally and internationally on the issues of climate change, renewable energy, and environmental justice with Indigenous communities. In her own community, she is the founder of the White Earth Land Recovery Project, where she works to protect Indigenous plants and heritage foods from patenting and genetic engineering. A graduate of Harvard and Antioch Universities, LaDuke has written extensively on Native American and environmental issues. She is the author of five books, including Recovering the Sacred, All our Relations and a novel, Last Standing Woman

How to Save Seeds of All Sorts | A Complete Guide to Garden Seed Saving | Frugal Gardening

Seed saving is NOT hard, and if you haven't done it yet, NOW is the time to start! I get asked all the time to share what I know about saving seeds, so here it is! Today I'm unpacking all I've got to teach on the subject of seed saving. I know this is a long video, but I really wanted to provide a comprehensive guide that will answer your questions and equip you to start saving your garden seeds! Products mentioned in this video (these are affiliate links, if you purchase from these links, it helps support our farm at no additional cost to you! So thank you!) Blossom Bags: https://amzn.to/2LmlZ0w Glass Markers: https://amzn.to/2NiM9BW Fermenting Lids: https://amzn.to/2JsVwfT Want More Roots & Refuge? Check Out: Our Instagram: www.instagram.com/roots_and_refuge Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rootsandrefuge/ My Infrequently updated blog: www.thehodgepodgedarling.blogspot.com My Articles in Do South Magazine:http://dosouthmagazine.com/?s=jessica sowards Our Music is by our friend Daniel Smith https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvBpcMe9OjXGnjLgPuLGQPw Email Us: rootsandrefuge@yahoo.com To drop us a line: PO Box 850 Vilonia, AR 72173 You can check out our Amazon Wishlist:

Our Permaculture Roots

When Bill Mollison moved from Tasmania around 1984 to nearby Tyalgum on the NSW/Queensland border, he frequently visited the Fanton family and gardens, recounting into the night permaculturesque tales from his most recent travels. The three Fanton children had the huge privilege of his fascinating company and stories.

Alan Kapuler: Open Pollinated Public Domain Plant Breeder

Subscribe to our new Food Farmer Earth channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/foodfarmerearth?sub_confirmation=1 Visit http://cookingupastory.com for more videos and information on sustainable living. In part 3 of this ongoing video series, Alan Kapuler shares his deep appreciation for the biological and ecological systems of the garden. Through his plant breeding efforts, Kapuler seeks to extend into the public domain a lifetime of work cultivating, growing and cataloging his seeds for the benefit of humanity. Check out our new series: Food Farmer Earth - a journey of wide discovery about our food http://www.youtube.com/ffe Cooking Up a Story - Bringing the people behind our food to life http://cookingupastory.com Subscribe to receive the latest videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=foodfarmerearth Follow us: Google https://plus.google.com/ foodfarmerearth/posts twitter http://twitter.com/cookingupastory Facebook http://www.facebook.com/cookingupastory Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/foodfarmerearth/ Website RSS Feed http://cookingupastory.com/feed

Six Ways to Screen and Winnow Seeds - BC Farms & Food

Separating seeds from their pods can be time-consuming. Here is a list of simple, low-tech devices for separating seeds from debris and chaff.

Organic Seed Alliance - Advancing ethical seed solutions to meet food and farming needs in a changing world

We envision organic seed systems that are democratic and just, support human and environmental health, and deliver genetically diverse and regionally adapted seed to farmers everywhere.


If you are a seed saver, Seed Keeper, part of a seed organization, seed swap or exchange, then the Community Seed Network is for you! Connect Now We whole heartedly believe that the non-commercial saving and sharing of open-pollinated seed makes the world a better place for everyone.

Garden Seed Inventory, 6th Edition: Inventory of Seed Catalogs Listing All Non-Hybrid Vegetable Seeds, Available in the United States and Canada: Whealy, Kent, Thuente, Joanne: 9781882424603: Amazon.com: Books

Garden Seed Inventory, 6th Edition: Inventory of Seed Catalogs Listing All Non-Hybrid Vegetable Seeds, Available in the United States and Canada [Whealy, Kent, Thuente, Joanne] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Garden Seed Inventory, 6th Edition: Inventory of Seed Catalogs Listing All Non-Hybrid Vegetable Seeds

How Seed Saver Networks Are Protecting The Planet's Biodiversity

As more farmers and gardeners take an interest in permaculture, seed savers’ networks are becoming a vital way to preserve heirloom varieties and protect our planet’s biodiversity. Although not as visible as the farmers’ markets that line our neighborhood sidewalks on Sundays, they’re an integral part of the farm-to-table movement. Seed savers and seed libraries… Read More

Seed Savers Exchange

As a customer, member, or donor, you support our mission and our nonprofit work to... Preserve We steward a collection of 20,000 rare and heirloom varieties in a seed bank at our Iowa headquarters. Distribute Through our catalog and online store, we get varieties out of our seed bank and growing.

The Seed Garden - The Art & Practice of Seed Saving

The Seed Garden: The Art and Practice of Seed Saving provides straightforward instruction on how to collect and save seed from your favorite heirloom and open-pollinated plants.

Seed To Seed 2nd Edition

Learn how to save seed from the pros at Seed Savers Exchange in one of the first books published on seed saving for the home gardener. Learn tips and on how to save tomato seed and 160 other crop types. This book contains detailed information about each vegetable, including its botanical classification, flower structure and means of pollination, required population size, isolation distance, techniques for caging or hand-pollination, and also the proper methods for harvesting, drying, cleaning, and storing the seeds. Seed to Seed is written by Susanne Ashworth.

The Seed Underground by Janisse Ray | Chelsea Green Publishing

There is no despair in a seed. There's only life, waiting for the right conditions-sun and water, warmth and soil-to be set free. Everyday, millions upon millions of seeds lift their two green wi

Vandana Shiva: Save our soils, save our seeds, so that we can save humanity

Vandana Shiva, laureate of the Alternative Nobel Prize and international patron of the Save Our Soils campaign, speaks about the importance of saving soils and seeds. The video was recorded during the Global Soil Week, October 2013, in Berlin. On the table is the Soilmate, a product to promote soil awareness that was developed by Nature & More. It contains organic tomatoes, compost and seeds. See also: www.saveoursoils.com

Seed Libraries of Massachusetts - Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Berkshire Eagle photo What is a seed library? Each seed library has different rules and guidelines. But typically a library member can look through an assortment of seed packets, select the varieties he or she likes, and take them home to plant. Some seed libraries ask

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