Aquaculture and Season Extension

Aquaculture and Season Extension

A resource list to support this section of our Permaculture Design Course

Incredible Abundance in an Extreme Climate (Undercover Permaculture)

This video was from a recent trip I took to Shetland to visit a load of inspirational gardeners who are using undercover structures called Polycrubs which allow them to grow an abundance of food. With gusts of up to 120mph and hardly any trees, any normal polytunnel would get ripped apart. Listen to how Susan has made the most of her Polycrubs in her step towards self-sufficiency in an extreme climate. Find out more about Polycrub here: Instagram: @huws_nursery Facebook: Seed sponsor: Tool sponsor: Main Camera: Second Camera: Laptop: Drone: Microphone: Second Microphone: Tripod: HuwsNursery is a channel which dedicates itself to teaching you how to grow an abundance of food at your home. Videos are uploaded every week and cover a vast range of subjects including; soil health, sowing, transplanting, weeding, organic tips, permaculture, pest control, harvesting and low maintenance

Greenhouse Design & Build | Permaculture Homestead

How we designed and built our 9x10m greenhouse on our permaculture homestead. Included are a desciption of the materials used, how we consider the solar pathway in the layout inside, managing the space in summer versus winter and planting with a permaculture design philosphy.


Aquaponics is a food production system that couples aquaculture with hydroponics whereby the nutrient rich aquaculture water is fed to hydroponic grown plant, involving nitrifying bacteria for converting ammonia into nitrates.

Autumn has arrived, but Kuujjuaq's greenhouse keeps things green | Nunatsiaq News

KUUJJUAQ — It’s that time of year in Kuujjuaq when winter creeps quietly back across the land, turning the tundra crimson as temperatures dip

Kuujjuaq Greenhouse

The Kuujjuaq Greenhouse is a community garden. Under the Municipality, the “Kuujjuaq greenhouse committee” overseas all planning and ground operations....

Build Sustainable Opportunities for Women Farmers in Armenia

TO SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGN OR BECOME A FUNDRAISER, VISIT: The women of Armenia's villages are raising their voices to say: Size does matter!--when it comes to building bigger greenhouses that will make their communities sustainable. Women, like the ones featured in our campaign video, are beginning to speak up about their right to be active members of society--socially, politically, and economically--and they want to let the other villages all over Armenia know that with hard work, anything is possible. Together, we can help women farmers take action to provide more for themselves and their community. ONEArmenia is pairing with Oxfam to crowdfund for the construction of 4 greenhouses in 4 villages (Ditavan, Aygehovit, Sarigyugh, and a fourth community to be confirmed) in the Tavush region of Armenia. 1A is contributing $10,000 to the construction of each greenhouse (making a total of $40,000). These special greenhouses will increase the size and impact by over 50% from previous ones built by Oxfam. Each greenhouse will bring an estimated harvest of 7.5 tons (7,500kg) of mixed high volume vegetable crops and an annual net revenue of $3,200 to each co

Permaculture magazine

Glennie Kindred shares some useful tips on choosing native pond plants and the basics to creating your own wildlife friendly pond.

How to build a small backyard pond - Day 441 | ActOutGames

How to build a small backyard pond for a nice home garden project. Watch me add a pond to our back yard and hopefully attract some critters! We'll be adding a solar fountain to keep the water moving soon, and we'll be keeping our eye out to see if the snake that lives in our back yard finds it soon! ======================= Like my videos? - Subscribe here - When Presley of ActOutGames was seven years old, her parents were using many of the amazing educational resources available on YouTube as part of her home school experience. She liked to learn from folks like Hank and John Green, and also enjoyed watching daily vlog creators like CTFxC and the Shaytards or lets play channels like Chuggaaconnory. Her love of YouTube led her parents to encourage her to start her own channel to show that she can do anything she sets her mind to. As with everything else in her life, Presley jumped in with both feet and started shooting a daily vlog that has now gone on for well over a year without missing a single day. She mixes in home school lessons, an occasional how to episode, museum visits, book review and movie review segments, educational toys, cosplay, travel,

Transition Culture

20 Oct 2008 For many years I have taught permaculture courses, and like many who do so, I start my courses with the Tale of Two Chickens. This is a very useful way of looking at inputs, outputs, and the science of maximising beneficial relationships, and it concludes with describing one of permaculture's Holy Grails, The Chicken/Greenhouse.

Living in the Future 54 : Djanbung Gardens Permaculture

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Nimbin town, sits Djanbung Gardens Permaculture Centre. For more info and to watch the whole series and buy the DVDs :

Permaculture: Greenhouse Tour

Elaine Johnson, Permaculture Specialist, gives a tour of the greenhouse located on our Motherhouse campus in Adrian, Michigan. The majority of seedlings grown in the greenhouse will be transplanted to our permaculture site. Learn more about our permaculture site here: or find us on Facebook!

Mini tours of permaculture greenhouses

Filmed by Marjory House for the Aquaculture & Season Extension module of the Permaculture Women's Guild Online Permaculture Design Course at and edited by Earth Feathur (subscribe to her channel here: #permaculturewomen #womenwriters #heroinesjourney #ecofeminism #heatherjoflores #foodnotlawns #growfoodnotlawns #permaculture #growyourown Video transcript: We are going to visit a series of greenhouses in the Willamette Valley that are different types of greenhouses. Now, we're going to start with my greenhouse, which is not buttoned up, and it is just the plastic cover. I don't have anything covered with remay and I am growing lettuce, celery, carrots, beets, arugala, chard, cauliflower, and kale in here. Now, if I wanted to grow more tender things like broccoli, I would want to cover things with remay inside the greenhouse for extra frost protection. All right, let's go. Here we are in our greenhouse. Celery, greens, chard, drying seeds. OK, here we are in my propagation house. Now, this is just a porch that's been enclosed with plastic and there's a door. I've got everything kind of sealed up

A Passive Solar Greenhouse - In the Alaska Garden with Heidi Rader

In this video, Emily Garrity, owner of Twitter Creek Gardens in Homer, Alaska gives us a tour of her passive solar greenhouse and describes what she uses it for. For more information: Additional resources: Solar Design Manual Passive Solar Heating: An Energy Factsheet Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners Greenhouses for Home Gardeners in Alaska Controlling the Greenhouse Environment