Stakeholder Questionnaire Examples

Stakeholder Questionnaire Examples

Explore these examples of permaculture site assessment and stakeholder interview questionnaires, then write your own!

Evaluate Your Permaculture Design - Permaculture Visions

Assessment Of Permaculture Designs. Holistic systems require observation and seasonal re-evaluation to meet all objectives. Here some recommended questions to ask of the design. Is the site designed mainly for self-management? Or does it require a lot of human effort? What are the ongoing projects that will not be easily overcome. Can the effort be … Continue reading Evaluate Your Permaculture Design

Broad Site Design: Vision and Assessment - Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Written by Doug Crouch This session in the PDC is the bridge between the principles and patterns and gets into the nitty gritty of design process.  It is a session that is very call and response orientated and a session for storytelling to ground out this theory. Where do we begin? So the first question is…

Permaculture Design Process - 1. The site survey

This is the first article of a comprehensive series on permaculture design by Aranya. Enjoy! 1. The site survey Introduction We are going to start our process by first surveying the area to be designed.

Permaculture Analysis And Assessment

Permaculture Master Planning - Permaculture Analysis and Assessment is a crucial step to find all the elements, components, systems and resources you have available on your site and how you can best utilize them in one integrated Permaculture Design.

Assessment Phase - Permaculture Design Course Handbook

Written by Doug Crouch Assessment Phase: Quick Summary 4.          Holistic Site Analysis Checklist – the client/ land  interview with an analytical perspective. Decipher or interpret needs of the client and gain insight into the site’s context from the assigned sheet.  Use it to help catalogue observations and research. Not every bullet will be used.  …