Regenerative Right Livelihood

Regenerative Right Livelihood

A resource list to support this section of our Permaculture Design Course

Avoid These Common Mistakes After Your Permaculture Design Certificate Course…

This article was originally published in a module I created called “Design Your Regenerative Right Livelihood” that is part of a new model for the delivery of

Hierarchies Vs Networks

Governments vs people power, hierarchies vs networks and response to crisis.

Ethical Marketing: Pro-Tips For Your Right Livelihood:

What follows is a “stuff I seriously wish I would have known when I started” list of essential tips for online entrepreneurs, especially if you’re relatively

Margaret J. Wheatley: Leadership Lessons from the Real World

People often comment that the new leadership I propose couldn't possibly work in the real world. This real world demands efficiency and obedience and is managed by bureaucracy and governed by policies and laws.


Planning This is the path from the collective theory toward full engagement, encounter and dialogue with the environment. It is often a stage where beautiful chaos will errupt, possibly leading to the blockage of analysis parallysis. It is the stage by which the group moves from Forming to Storming.

The Road Back to Nature: Regaining the Paradise Lost by Masanobu Fukuoka

The Road Back to Nature book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Agriculture/Ecology

BLOG - Terra Genesis International

We're an international regenerative design consultancy. We work to bring you solutions that regenerate soil, increase biodiversity, and boost your business. We help you to rethink the business of agriculture in our changing world. Grow your impact. Build your brand. Increase customer loyalty and build resiliency. Emerges @ devcon3 - Terra Genesis International

A network for planetary regeneration. The first step toward a local, regional, and global carbon drawdown economy. to use Reverse Mining to actively restore health of the planet through token generation process. Cancun, Mexico - Amidst the incredible energy at devcon3 emerges is a decentralized ecological knowledge network that will reverse climate change by incentivizing regenerative agriculture.

Lean In and Why Women's Brains Are Wired for Leadership

When Sandberg urges women to lean in and examine ways in which they might be undercutting their career potential, she's suggesting that women may need ...

How to Beat the Excuses, Updated: Responses to the Top 12 Excuses for a Lack of Women Speakers — GenderAvenger

“We analyzed event data from thousands of events over the past five years and discovered that events still have a long way to go when it comes to gender diversity.” — Bizzabo, “ Gender Diversity & Inclusion in Events Report ” — It has been three years since we first published a list of ex

Regenepreneurs Interview Series

Covering the topics that matter most to earning your living in permaculture while building Beloved Community—audacious, visionary leadership; regenerative entrepreneurship; and skillfully navigating challenges.

Right Livelihood: a pattern for shifting towards life-honoring work - Regenepreneurs

I want to acknowledge that It takes a lot of effort nowadays to live and work in ways that aren’t contributing to the present great unravelling of the web of life. That’s heartbreaking. And it’s because our current global economy is based on a paradigm that is degenerative—meaning it erodes the health of ecosystems, communities,…

Planning the Next Year in Our Regenerative Livelihoods - Regenepreneurs

UPDATE: I’ve taken my insights from years of this practice, and created a free mini-course on Regenerative, Reflective Planning. It’s in the Regenepreneurs Network, which supports folks who are on their path to discern their regenerative right livelihood. Click here to learn more about it. In my last blog, I shared one of my practices…

When To Invest In Your Right Livelihood - Regenepreneurs

Women in permaculture often tell me they feel like they have to know EVERYTHING related to permaculture, and they struggle with knowing which skills they need to have, and which courses to take. Today, I’ll share with you some “business savvy” approaches to making that important decision.  At the beginning of my permaculture path, I…

Home | WEPs

Signatory Signatory The Gender-Responsive Procurement Guidance Note helps companies implement the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs). Focusing on Principle 5 implementing supply chain and marketing practices that empower women, the guidance note specifically aims to support WEPs signatories in prioritizing, establishing and implementing gender-responsive and ethical procurement practices without compromising quality, efficiency, cost savings and value for money.

Redirecting our life energy from degenerative systems: Lessons from a Sunflower - Regenepreneurs

Livelihood lessons from a Sunflower blooming on Nov 5, 2018, Part 2. I wrote this article on November 5 of 2018, when I came across a beautiful sunflower ready to blossom on the side of the road. Knowing that killing frost was imminent, I was called into deep contemplation. Here’s some of what I learned:…

The Four Noble Truths

This article examines the Four Noble Truths, four principles which contain the essence of the Buddha's teachings.

Home - Permaculture Action Network

Permaculture Action Hubs at large gatherings and music festivals as a central space for workshops, classes, panel discussions, and skill-shares focused on r egenerative ecology, social transformation, community building, and permaculture design. This is a space where people can network with individuals and projects, as well as catalyze community organizing and action.

Hammerstone School | Carpentry for Women | Trumansburg, NY

Hammerstone School offers a variety of carpentry courses for women. Our classes range from basic skills-building workshops, to longer, more in-depth intensives. Students of all experience level are welcome. Our classes build community and camaraderie as well as structures.

The difference between Business and Entrepreneurship - Business Design Tools

It can be quite difficult to clearly explain the difference between a business and an entrepreneurial attitude, but, as this is something I have been reflecting on a lot recently, I would like to share my draft outcome with you. In my opinion what distinguishes a Businessman from an Entrepreneur is the mental

Design Your Regenerative Right Livelihood--Workbook MASTER *do not type in here*

Design Your Regenerative Right Livelihood Workbook (MASTER) Congratulations! You are designing your regenerative right livelihood! Every question here is designed to help you find your right livelihood path, discern your sweet spot, and clarify your “special sauce” so that you can make your un...

Why Startups Fail: Here’s the 20 Most Common Reasons

The grim reality for any new entrepreneur: 90% of startups fail. However, by knowing the common reasons why startups fail, the odds of success can be tilted.

Center for Transformative Action

The Center for Transformative Action (CTA) supports change makers in creating communities that are ecologically sound, socially just and work for everyone.

Key to career success is confidence, not talent

The secret to career success is not talent, hard work or education, but sheer, unashamed confidence, a study has suggested.

Anishnaabek Skills & Knowledge Course

May 26 to 29, 2016 Where: Manitoulin Island, ON 4 days of Anishnaabek skills & knowledge. Preference will be given to Aboriginal participants.

Using Success to the Successful to Avoid Competency Traps - The Systems Thinker

ave you ever wondered why clocks run in the…uh…clockwise direction? Or why the QWERTY keyboard design is the standard for virtually all English typewriters and keyboards? Are they really superior technologies, or merely the result of random selection? The answer to these questions lies in the “Success to the Successful” archetype. In “Success to the […]

Lack of Confidence, Fear of Failure Hold Women Back From Being Entrepreneurs

A new report measures the rates of female entrepreneurship and the sentiments of female business owners around the world.

Skills and Behaviors that Make Entrepreneurs Successful

New research at Harvard Business School by Lynda Applegate, Janet Kraus, and Timothy Butler takes a unique approach to understanding behaviors and skills associated with successful entrepreneurs.

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods in Nepal with the Himalayan Permaculture Centre

Chris Evans from the Himalayan Permaculture Centre speaks to Maddy Harland, Permaculture Magazine editor, at the 2019 Oxford Real Farming Conference. Chris explains the work of the project in Nepal, and how they are working from a grassroots level, teaching local farmers a range of skills to become food secure, to create healthy lifestyles and to earn an income. The project reaches thousands of people across 352 villages, transforming the lives of farmers, who then go on to teach others. To learn more about the Himalayan Permaculture Centre visit To learn more about Chris Evans and his UK permaculture centre visit To learn more about the Oxford Real Farming Conference visit For more on permaculture visit

What's degenerative? What's regenerative? - Regenepreneurs

These words and concepts can seem very abstract, but thankfully, our living Earth, and the soil beneath our feet provide very clear ways to understand how erosive spirals degenerate ecosystems and communities, and also how living systems create conditions for healing and resilience.

Global Women's Water Initiative

Global Women's Water Initiative transforms women's water burdens into economic opportunities.

Fearless Rebelle Radio #94: The Co-Opting of Female Empowerment – With Kelly Diels

I’m chatting with Kelly Diels, Feminist Marking Consultant, about the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand (FLEB). We’re talking about how empowerment is being misused and co-opted in the online world, how this upholds patriarchal systems, why self-care is a collective issue and what you can watch out for as a consumer to advocate for yourself and demand better.

Why friendships are so important to permaculture

Talking about friendship-based niche discovery for writers, activists, and permaculturists, and discussing how connecting authentically with others can help guide us into a creative and professional role that comes from a place of joy and doesn't lead to despair, depression, and burnout. FREE mini course at Partial video transcript: Hi, I'm Heather Jo Flores. And today's video is about why friendships and relationships are the most important part of permaculture, activism, entrepreneurism, and being a writer. So I just want to talk for a few minutes about this. Because a lot of times, OK, let's start with permaculture. People think the permaculture is organic gardening, basically. And that is part of permaculture. But you can have an organic garden and you can have a composting toilet and you can have a Hugelkultur and you can have some solar panels. And that is not a permaculture. It becomes permaculture when those things come into relationship with each other. When you create a whole system design that connects each element to the next relative to the function and location of that element. S

Whole Systems Network: Permaculture, Ecovillages, ecopreneurs

Whole Systems Network Inc. has a mission to advance the livelihood sector of green iniatives, ecovillages and permaculture entities, by providing events, services, and information. Support our cause


These Regenerative Parenting offerings are organized in a series of modules, each one exploring a different component of the experience of parenting in community. Each module is designed to build o…

Here's why small businesses fail

42% of small businesses fail because there's no market for their product or service.

7 Reasons You Need a Mentor for Entrepreneurial Success

When you are doing something for the first time the experience of someone you trust who has done it already is priceless.

K is for Kitchen - Connecting YOU with righteous food experiences!

At K is for Kitchen, we connect YOU with a passion for Life through delicious, ethically-sourced food experiences. Our services include personal chef-ing, educational dinner parties, cooking instruction, catering, holistic nutrition consultation, and more!

The responsible entrepreneur -- four game changing archetypes: Carol Sanford at TEDxBerkeley

Carol Sanford at TEDxBerkeley 2014: Rethink. Redefine. Recreate. Her talk is titled The Responsible Entrepreneur: Four Game Changing Archetypes. Founder and CEO, The Responsible Entrepreneur Institute, author of multi-award winning, The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success (2011) and The Responsible Entrepreneur: Four Game Changing Business Archetypes (2014) Jossey Bass. Stories of my global collaborations with phenomenal leaders, transforming industries, social systems, cultural paradigms and governance infrastructure. Books are required reading at many universities including Harvard and Stanford. Guest and Syndicated Blogger: CNBC, Guardian, SSIR, CSRwire, EY 'Trep Center. Proud grad of UC Berkeley 1966, when we were changing the world. Masters and Lecturer in Business and Urban Planning, San Jose State University. Lecturer at Harvard, MIT, U Michigan, Stanford— on Entrepreneurship and Business. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small gr

Calling Bullsh*t on Faux Feminism as a Marketing Commodity

2017 Women in Digital Annual Conference Katie Martell | On-Demand Marketing Consultant In this session, Katie will expose the troubling trend of using feminism as a marketing commodity. She will call bull on the illusion of progress in marketing to women, and present some alternative strategies (not to be confused with alternative facts) for businesses to truly support women. To view more conference videos, become a Women in Digital member: