Regenerative Ethics & Permaculture Principles

Regenerative Ethics & Permaculture Principles

A resource list to support this section of our Permaculture Design Course

Earth Based Spirituality And Permaculture — The 5 Elements As A Design Tool

Earth Based Spirituality, using Earth, fire, air, water and spirit to as a tool to design my journey to Andalucía.

What’s Permaculture Got To Do With The Housing Crisis?

In the current housing crisis, most people are stuck in rented housing, paying high rents for what is often poor quality housing far from the permaculture dream of one's own home.

Why My Farm Isn’t A “permaculture Farm”

As we integrate into living, working farm communities, it’s important to remember that a permaculture farm is not a new idea.

Emergent Herbalism; Plants, People, And Culture

The cross-cultural use of herbs and herbal medicine has experienced a significant resurgence in the past several decades. This emergent herbalism has become a popular method of alternative medicine as well as a profitable commercial industry.

Mapping And Landing In A Living World: How A Permaculture Design Course Helped Me Organize My Life

When I enrolled in a Permaculture Design Course in 2013, my youngest child was only three months old, and we had only recently landed in Scotland. I had spent most of my adult life away from Scotland…

Permaculture Ethics In Public Education

Using permaculture ethics in public education to engage children in sustainable efforts.

We believe in Abundance

The World Permaculture Association is dedicated to collaborating with a network of food producers, governments and community leaders to build local economies through the development of sustainable food and energy systems all over the world

Embracing 4 Ethics of Permaculture

This article was originally printed in Permaculture Design Magazine issue #110, Winter 2019, the Permaculture Ethics issue. As permaculture becomes more popular and gains greater recognition with a mainstream audience here in North America, I find that it's helpful to have your elevator speech ready-to-hand to quickly define it when it comes up in casual conversation.

Permaculture magazine

In this first part of 'What is Permaculture', Maddy Harland explains the three permaculture ethics - Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share

Permaculture Ethics - Learning Tree Permaculture

The three Permaculture ethics are Earth Care; People Care and Future Care (sometimes expressed as Fair Share). Read more on each .......

Advanced Permaculture Planning and Design Process 2017 - Part Three: The First Day | Making Permaculture Stronger

Building on the previous post, in what follows I’ll continue a leisurely re-walk through the Advanced Permaculture Planning and Design Process course David Holmgren and I ran in April of 2017, pulling out and sharing key content as I go. Here was our draft programme: Tuesday Session One (8:45am-10:30am) – Introductions, housekeeping, course context Session Two (11am-12:30pm)...

The basics of permaculture - ethics and principles

There's a bit of a trend amongst the old-guard of the organic movement to write off permaculture as some sort of modern, utopian fad - one author I greatly respect called it a 'distraction'.

Is permaculture a real solution to agricultural distress?

Permaculture farming, which spread across the West as part of the hippie movement, is fast gaining ground in India among subsistence farmers and those who want to grow their food

Permaculture magazine

From PM95 Spring 2018 - Maddy Harland proposes that permaculture’s third ethic could be Future Care, designing for future generations.

Fertile Edges – cultivating hope in challenging times

Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture Magazine, explores how permaculture can teach us how to learn from Nature, understand how natural systems work and discover practical solutions. She also speaks from experience about facing the climate emergency and maintaining emotional resilience and hope. She describes how the permaculture movement has grown in reach and influence over the last three decades. She shares her personal story behind building an international magazine and being permaculture's foremost temperate climate book publisher with over 100 titles. Interview with Matthew Shaw and filmed by Lush Cosmetics, who work closely with permaculture projects around the world to source ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients. For more information on Maddy's book, Fertile Edges, visit For more on Lush's involvement in permaculture visit For more on permaculture visit

Winona LaDuke - Learning How to Live

Winona LaDuke of the Anishname Nation describes that the hardest element of sustainable development is learning how to live responsibility. World Women's Congress for a Healthy Planet Nov. 8-12, 1991 Miami, Florida Videotaped by Trella Laughlin of Let the People Speak, a Project of the Foundation for a Compassionate Society.