Cobwood Building

Cobwood is a hybrid between cob and cordwood construction. With cordwood, the walls are built like a stack of firewood, and the spaces are typically filled with a mix of sand, sawdust, and lime or in some cases cement.

Earthbag domes of Dome Lombok: From ecotourism to earthquake-resistant housing

Dome Lombok is building an ecoresort of earthbag domes on the Indonesian island of Lombok, and the technique is also proving to be valuable for affordable housing in the earthquake-prone country.

Dry Stone Walls

Dry stone walls are a significant part of the landscape in many parts of the world. They are built in places where there are plenty of stones nearby, and where trees don’t thrive well enough to create hedges or to provide materials for fencing.

How This Frugal Family of 4 Paid Off $96K in Debt & Built a Custom Tiny House

After finishing school, Jocelyn and Jarvis had $96,000 of debt from student loans, credit cards, and buying a small rural property. This is the story of how they paid it off in just 20 months, and then built themselves a debt-free custom tiny house for their family of 4. After ignoring their finances for a long time, the couple finally faced reality one night when they sat down and added up all of their debts, and compared it to the revenue they had coming in. When they realized how much they owed, they decided to make some drastic changes so they could pay it off and stop worrying about money. To start, they moved to a smaller apartment, changed jobs, shopped second-hand, froze a credit card in a block of ice, switched to using cash only, and made a budget that allowed them to chip away at their debt. They had a white board with a list of all their debts, which they updated every time a payment was made so they'd continue to be motivated. After 20 months, they were completely debt-free. After that, they continued with their minimalist, frugal habits and were able to save up enough money to build themselves a custom tiny house on wheels. They've been living in the tiny hous

Building a mud house.

Mud houses are common in northeastern Brazil, they are usually small and made ​​so improvised on farms or low-income people. Generally the whole family joins in the construction of these houses that are more resistant than wooden houses and they have a good thermal insulation.

Woman's Magical Cob House Built with Earth & Reclaimed Materials

This is a full tour of a cozy cob micro cabin built by Marie France Roy, a professional snowboarder from Canada. She wanted to build a home with natural and reclaimed materials so the main floor is built with cob – a mix of sand, clay, and straw – and the upper floor is built with reclaimed cedar siding. She also used secondhand windows and other materials that were used or on their way to the landfill to reduce the impact of her project. For heat, she uses a sealed woodstove and has backup electric heat if she's leaving the house for an extended period of time. For water and waste, she's hooked up to a well and septic. She is currently using propane for her stove and hot water heater but has bought and activated a system to produce and collect methane using food waste. She hopes to eventually transition to using homemade gas instead of propane. The tiny cob house is plugged onto the grid but she also has a small solar panel array to feed renewable energy onto the grid. We've included links to the sites and resources mentioned in the video below: Building with Cob Video Marie France Roy Protect

为生活添一抹淡雅绿意,用砍下的竹子制些物件儿——竹沙发 Bamboo Sofa|Liziqi channel

Liziqi channel 老早就想买一套沙发,看得上眼的都得万把块。上个礼拜翻到爷爷以前做的竹沙发,就想动手做一套!这个季节砍竹子做背篓 椅子 蚕架都不会生蛀虫。背篓 扇子 簸箕都做过就是没做过沙发,整了很多冤枉。好在最后一整套的罗汉床,太妃椅,茶几都折腾出来了,开心开心,来自省钱达人的微笑~ I’ve long wanted to buy a sofa set, but the desired ones cost over 10,000 yuan. Last week, I found a bamboo sofa made by my grandpa and decided to make a set myself! Bambooware made around this time of the year, like back baskets, chair or silkworm rearing rack, won’t be gnawed by worms. I’ve made back baskets, folding fans, and dustpan before, but never a sofa. And I went through trial and error. Thankfully, I managed to make an Arhat bed, an empress chair and a tea table in the end. So happy to have saved a fortune. Subscribe to Liziqi Channel on YouTube: More videos of my channel: Cloack with Fluffy and Soft Lambswool: Silk quilt: Woodblock printing: Clic

A Good Home Forever

The full 'how to retrofit your own home' video, featuring permaculturalist Rosemary Morrow, which accompanies her booklet, 'A Good Home Forever'. Available from

Permaculture magazine

Maddy Harland describes how to convert a pitch and tar flat roof into a green roof: a beautiful and enduring paradise for birds and bees

Indigenous seasons calendars

We have worked with a number of Indigenous language groups to create a series of calendars representing their seasonal and ecological knowledge.

Natural Resources - 6 Seasons

The Woodland Cree have a way of marking the seasons that is unique, and which reflects the yearly cycle in a northern land of lakes and rivers. Two extra seasons have been added to the yearly calendar to reflect the yearly freezing and melting of the waterways.

Tuning in to the built environment

Partial video transcription: Hi, everyone, it's me, Heather Jo. And today we're talking about the built environment. So when we study the built environment, before we get into doing really cool things like building cob benches and building Hobbit villages and and cool places for our communities to hang out and learn and interact and places for us to live, before we get into building spaces out of renewable and recycled materials, yes, that's a big part of this, but it's really important that first we look at where we are now and at the structures that we live in already, the structures that already exist. I would like to give you a little slideshow and just go through a few examples of both new built environments and ways to integrate the existing built environment with our natural surroundings. And we'll look at some examples and then I'll use my own patio here where we spend a lot of time as sort of a case study. Here's a bench. This is a cob bench and it was built during the Portland City Repair Project, during one of the early years of the city repair project, it's still there today, and it's on a street where there's a lot of pedestrian traffic. And the people who live ther

We The Tiny House People (Documentary): Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters

- Part 1 (Tiny houses): We the tiny house people - Part 2 (Tiny houses on the move): Summer of (family) love - Part 3 (Urbanism of tiny houses): A spaghetti western of lean urbanism TV producer and Internet-video personality Kirsten Dirksen invites us on her journey into the tiny homes of people searching for simplicity, self-sufficiency, minimalism and happiness by creating shelter in caves, converted garages, trailers, tool sheds, river boats and former pigeon coops. -- This extraordinary recalibration of what it means to live the good life- TreeHugger -- For those who find themselves dumbfounded, perplexed and curious regarding how individuals can make everyday-use of very tiny spaces. - The Blaze -- The documentary focuses on the new craze sweeping American -- people living in Tiny Houses. - Weekly World News -- The subject is fascinating. - Directors Live [** Rate it yourself on imdb: ] Kirsten Dirksen is co-founder of and a Huffington Post blogger. She has worked for MTV, Oxygen, The Travel Channel and Sund

From Farmhouse to Modern Passive Solar, Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part series. In this article, we see the current features of the passive solar house. Part 1 shows a photo progression that took place in the transition from a small farmhouse to a modern passive solar home. The passive solar house has a window wall that faces south.

Self Built Cob Earth House Tour!! Constructed Using Only Recycled Materials and Costing $9000.

This is a unique self built Cob house is built using all recycled material and a dry stack foundation, no mortar necessary. It cost around 9,000$ to fully build her home. Cob houses are highly insulated using the raw earth instead of harmful materials. Check out all the rest by watching the video! let us know what your favorite part of the video is! Video shot by Lotus Eater Films Video edited by Forrest stevens Links to help the show. OUR WEBSITE My Vanlife movie is on Youtube because Netflix said no. Show you are Different by wearing our clothes! Podcast by Different Media Founder Forrest Stevens, where he talks with digital nomads and interesting traveling characters about how to travel and work. Founder Forrest's personal stream of consciousness podcast Different Media Camera Gear Kit! Patreon that we never use. A list of items

Indigenous Weather Knowledge: Nyoongar Calendar

Dry and hot Hottest part of the year Cooler weather begins Coldest and wettest time of the year; more frequent gales and storms Mixture of wet days with increasing number of clear, cold nights and pleasant warmer days Longer dry periods Season of the young Season of adolescence Season of adulthood Fertility season Season of conception Season of birth These are Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang.

Big Cob House Built to CODE

House Alive explains how to build a big house to code while still being simple enough that the layman will find it doable. Our Website! Patreon Family: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: NaturalHappy Beauty Channel:

Hempcrete - Future Health Systems

Executive Summary Hempcrete is a material technology that has the potential in being used for medical facilities. It is a mixture of hemp hurds and lime (possibly including natural hydraulic lime, sands, pozzolands or cement). It is easier to work with than traditional lime mixes and acts as an insulator and moisture regulator.

Barbara Jones - Straw Works

Barbara realised early on that she loved practical work but was hampered by having no role models, and no opportunities for training, being a woman. So, she started out in childcare – how typical! Nevertheless, Barbara has been very lucky to have been given amazing opportunities that she has been able to say yes to, and ended up running her ... Read More

Natural Building | Living With The Land | Part 2

Kevin McCloud, a Channel 4 presenter well known for the TV series Grand Designs, introduces part 2 of Living with the Land - 'Natural Building'. Natural buildings are an ancient tradition with a modern appeal. Creating healthy, beautiful homes from natural materials such as earth, straw and timber, building naturally is the ultimate expression of ecological design. Building isn’t ‘done' to us – it can be done by us. The skills and techniques used in natural building are hands-on and accessible, enabling us all to design our own healthy living spaces bringing people and the elements together. The UK has a rich tradition of natural building and natural architecture that is seeing a renewed interest. Building naturally is one such response to Living With The Land. Narrated by Kevin McCloud, Channel 4 presenter, writer, designer and founder of Hab Housing @Kevin_McCloud With Thanks to Jo Forsyth, Natural Builder Barbara Jones and all the team at Straw Works. A UK company dedicated to designing, building and training with straw-bale and natural materials | Rowland Keable, Director of Rammed Earth Consulting CIC | Ear

Passive Solar Heating

Passive solar heating is one of several design approaches collectively called passive solar design. When combined properly, these strategies can contribute to the heating, cooling, and daylighting of nearly any building. The types of buildings that benefit from the application of passive solar heating range from barracks to large maintenance facilities.

Old barn becomes young architect's budget, elegant home-studio

Alfredo Vanotti wanted to recover the old barn his grandfather had built 100 years ago in his village’s now-abandoned town center. Working on a tight budget and mostly his, and his father’s, labor, he began to turn the former cow stable and hayloft into a modern classic home for himself and his daughter, and the garage into his home-studio. Alfredo's stable-turned-home: On *faircompanies:

Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth

Have you ever dreamed of another kind of life? Not the job that you don’t want to go off to in the morning, or the house you have to keep on paying for year after year, but a life closer to the earth, a little place in the country that you build yourself, a garden and some solar panels for electricity, time to be with those you love and to do the things you most want to do. An impossible dream? Maybe not. Right now people all over are working to create an alternative to a consumer society that gives us less and less satisfaction and is more and more destructive to the earth and to us, as well. Explore the world of natural building and meet some of its pioneers who are creating beautiful and inexpensive houses out of earth and straw, houses that you can make, too. This is a way of building that can transform how you see the earth and yourself. Visit: Linda Smiley and Ianto Evans who pioneered the use of building with earth, straw and sand called cob in the U.S. and who now run the North American School of Natural Building in Coquille, Oregon where they and their students have used natural building methods to create a little village. Coenraad and Courtney Rogmans who took a piece o

Build Sustainable Opportunities for Women Farmers in Armenia

TO SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGN OR BECOME A FUNDRAISER, VISIT: The women of Armenia's villages are raising their voices to say: Size does matter!--when it comes to building bigger greenhouses that will make their communities sustainable. Women, like the ones featured in our campaign video, are beginning to speak up about their right to be active members of society--socially, politically, and economically--and they want to let the other villages all over Armenia know that with hard work, anything is possible. Together, we can help women farmers take action to provide more for themselves and their community. ONEArmenia is pairing with Oxfam to crowdfund for the construction of 4 greenhouses in 4 villages (Ditavan, Aygehovit, Sarigyugh, and a fourth community to be confirmed) in the Tavush region of Armenia. 1A is contributing $10,000 to the construction of each greenhouse (making a total of $40,000). These special greenhouses will increase the size and impact by over 50% from previous ones built by Oxfam. Each greenhouse will bring an estimated harvest of 7.5 tons (7,500kg) of mixed high volume vegetable crops and an annual net revenue of $3,200 to each co

Retrosuburbia - The Downshifters Guide to a Resilient Future - RetroSuburbia

RetroSuburbia THE DOWNSHIFTER’S GUIDE TO A RESILIENT FUTURE Access the Online Version Buy the Hard Copy Version Now available online We are taking a leap making RetroSuburbia available for whatever people choose to pay. We fervently believe that gift, exchange and sharing economies all need to grow rapidly to fill the real needs of people […]

Straw Bale Building with Rachel Shiamh

Build a woodland retreat with Simon Dale at Quiet Earth [] on the 24th September 2012. Contact for booking. Undercurrents visits Rachel Shiamh's two storey load bearing straw bale house -- the only one in Britain -- all built by women volunteers. Take a tour of this wonderful curvaceous build! Rachel is currently writing a book for Permanent Publications ( about the experience.

Building a Celtic Roundhouse

The story of the building a Celtic Roundhouse with schools and volunteers at the Felin Uchaf Eco-Centre , Aberdaron, Llyn Peninsula, North West Wales With special thanks to The Dulverton Trust

🇸🇬 earthrise - Singapore: Asia's Greenest City - earthrise (feature)

Known as Asia's greenest city, and with one of the highest population densities in the world, Singapore has long favoured innovative environmentally friendly ideas. It's a low-lying island and city-state in which the majority of the population lives in high-rise public housing. However, challenges from rapid urbanisation, sea level rise and a changing climate are pushing planners and policymakers to find innovative ways of coping with the pressures of growing demand. From vertical farms to living buildings, Singapore is on the cutting edge of environmentally sustainable urban solutions that have the best interest of the country's future at heart. Russell Beard travels there to meet some of the entrepreneurs who are helping the island city-state earn its green title.

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This forum is used by green building professionals, architects, builders, developers and green building owners to discuss all subjects related to green building.

Green Building Bible

These bestselling books are the best help you will get for understanding one of the most vitally important aspects of our society - how to make our homes, buildings and living environments greener and more energy efficient. Visit the Green Building B ...

Is a Pretty Cottage Better Than a Tiny House?

With a little paint and some old fashioned curtains you can turn an ordinary little house into a cozy whimsical castle. We loved staying in this place while filming and will take some of the ideas used here home with us! In case you have any questions about how we do what we do and any products that we swear by we have listed them all below! ↓*↓*↓*↓*↓ Click Below For More Info ↓*↓*↓*↓*↓ Want an easy way to support us? Shop at our store: If you love what you see here, help us to keep it going by becoming part of our Patreon family: Shop my Etsy store: Nomadic RV-Living Must Haves 4 qt Pressure Cooker- Collapsible Steamer Basket- Magnetic Checker Game- _ DPH Video Equipment Camera & Lens: Tripod: Memory Card: Microphone: Battery: _ Spinning Must-Haves: Polywog Spinning Wheel: Drop Spindle Kit: He

Retrofitting the house at the Inkpot

A case study of a few techniques we have used to make the house more efficient & pleasant to live in.. solar PV, solar hot water, wood fired heating, hot water & cooking, larger windows, storage, using other people’s waste and our relationship with ‘stuff’...

Intro to Solar Orientation [Solar Schoolhouse]

short video tutorial on Solar Orientation. Includes: Reasons for the Seasons, Seasonal Sun Paths, Measuring solar position, sun path charts, the 2 North Poles, and other resources.